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Fun Facts About the Super Bowl 2017

Super Bowl 2017 – New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

For a little over 50 years, people gather around to watch the one game that will determine which division of the national football league will be the ultimate champion for the season: The National Football Conference (NFC) or the American Football Conference (AFC). It’s one of the most watched sporting events in the world, and a great reason to gather with friends and family! With Super Bowl 2017 coming up soon, feel free to drop these fun facts to make you look like the smarty pants at the bar or home.

  1. The first two Super Bowls were not even known as the Super Bowl. They were called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. It wasn’t called the Super Bowl until the 3rd
  2. Roman numerals are normally used to identify each game. The one exception to this rule was Super Bowl 50. But why did they go with Super Bowl 50 and not Super Bowl L? Because when the league tried to make the logo, the “L” didn’t work out and decided to use numbers.
  3. Super Bowl I and II almost didn’t exist. Back in 1967 and 1968, the big game was not broadcast live. So when they taped the games, someone made a mistake and recorded over the taped game with soap operas! However, they could always defend on their fans as one of them have recorded it and handed it over to them.
  4. It pays more to win the super bowl than to lose. While each one of the players on the winning team takes home $97,000 each, each person on the team that didn’t win (or we can say it… the losing team) takes home $49,000
  5. To date, the Super Bowl has never been able to reach overtime. Many have come close though!
  6. Americans all together drink an estimated 325.5 million gallons of beer and devour 1.25 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday!
  7. With all the food and drinks being devoured on this day, it also marks the 2nd largest day for food consumption in the USA, falling behind Thanksgiving.
  8. Hall of Famer, Charles Haley, holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins when he was the pass rusher for the 49ers and the Cowboys. He has 5 rings for each win; a ring for each finger. The ring alone also costs around $5,000, which makes Charles wearing around $25,000 on his one hand alone.
  9. The team that hosts the Super Bowl has NEVER played in that game as well! Will the Minnesota Vikings break this record next year when they host Super Bowl LII?
  10. Are you planning on being “sick” after the big game? You and 1.5 million people are estimated to call out on Monday. The boss might suspect something is going on.

This year, millions of us will be watching to see if the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons will bring home the trophy in Super Bowl 2017. Are you on AFC or NFC? Should Brady get his 5th ring this year or will Ryan steal it from him?

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