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Residential Home Funding is incredibly proud and excited to offer the first ever Green Mortgage.

Here’s how it works. We have teamed up with an established and profoundly caring and impactful company called Carbon Credit Capital to create the Carbon Neutral Mortgage. This mortgage – our “Green Mortgage” – offers the same personalized lending, competitive rates, and quick process, but now with a discounted price and carbon credit package. This mortgage offers you – the borrower – the option to offset carbon emissions through our program, which includes a package of carbon credits equal to the estimated amount of carbon emitted by a house of your size (we make these calculations based on square footage and state energy data). Essentially, we are giving you the power to do something for the environment without having to make any costly changes to your home. All while saving you money on your mortgage! When you agree to choose a Green Mortgage, RHF waives all of their lenders fees as our way of thanking you for your consideration of our shared environment.

What Are Carbon Credits?

When you obtain a Green Mortgage, your package includes a pre-determined amount of carbon credits equal to the size of your home and the duration of your mortgage. Carbon credits offered through Carbon Credit Capital fund projects around the world that permanently pull Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) out of the atmosphere, or keep them out altogether. For every metric ton of GHG that a project mitigates, one carbon credit is created. That carbon credit will balance or even eliminate your carbon footprint. If you emit 1 ton of GHG and “offset” that by purchasing 1 carbon credit, you have a net carbon footprint of zero. If there were enough carbon credit projects in the world to offset the amount of GHGs produced every year, climate change would be history.
Very simply, a carbon offset is a certificate of having mitigated a metric "tonne" (2,204 lbs.) of greenhouse gas. That means you have in some way ensured the potential negative effects of emissions from owning and operating your home will be neutralized by having taken action. The certificate is documentation rewarding you for taking this action. We are giving you - the borrower - these certificates at no cost. For simply closing this mortgage, you are an individual driving force that eliminates the negative climate impacts of owning and operating your home.

Carbon Credits Reduce Carbon Emissions Instantly.

All emissions reductions made through our Green Mortgage are generated from offset projects that are real, additional, verifiable, permanent, and enforceable. Every carbon credit that we give to you is generated from a verified, third-party approved offset project that meets these requirements and therefore ensures that emissions reductions have already happened. Our credit package included in the Green Mortgage through Carbon Credit Capital only uses the highest quality, third-party verified carbon offsets in the world.

We only include carbon credits in your package that have been vetted with scrutiny, and are only accepted if they support local and impoverished communities socially, economically, and health-wise, in addition to the environment. All projects have passed through at least 3 audits of methodology, design, and execution. Additionally, they are continually monitored to ensure maintained legitimacy, and are registered under internationally recognized standards such as the Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).* In fact, when you close a carbon neutral mortgage, you directly contribute to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – something anyone should be proud of.

Purchasing carbon offsets is the most immediate and most trusted way to shrink your carbon footprint. RHF understands that carbon offsets are not a climate change cure-all – we do not mean to suggest that this initiative should stop you from using renewable energy, or adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. We also recognize, however, that not everyone has the time and money to make these physical changes to your home immediately, so we want to give you a way to have as much impact as quickly as possible. We just think it makes more sense to help you save a little money on fees that would have otherwise been sent to banks and administrative overhead. Hopefully you do too!

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*Only available in the state of New Jersey at this time.

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