Conventional loans may be conforming or non-conforming. Conforming loans have terms and conditions that follow the guidelines set forth by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These two corporations purchase mortgage loans complying with the guidelines from mortgage lending institutions.

Conforming Loans

  • 1-4 family properties and Fannie Mae approved condominiums
  • Loan amounts up to $417,000 ($625,000 in higher market areas)
  • Rates are determined by an evaluation of risk, ensuring the best rate available
  • Flexible mortgage insurance options are available, including a non-monthly payment option
  • You may be able to put as little as 3% down on a purchase


  • Loan product that doesn’t conform to Fannie or Freddie guidelines
  • Higher loan balances
  • Limited to no income verification loans
  • Non Fannie Mae approved condominiums and co-ops
  • Specialty loans such as ARMs and no PMI options
  • 100% financing options available to those who qualify

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