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Business Continuity refers to the activities required to keep our organization running during a period of displacement or interruption of normal operation.
Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery Programs
RealFi views recovery of its business operations and supporting technology, Business Continuity Management (“BCM”) and technology Disaster Recovery (”DR”) respectively, as a critical and fundamental part of its ability to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities to clients. As such, significant resources and effort are dedicated to these programs.
RealFi maintains business continuity and crisis response plans to facilitate the continuity of business in the event of a business disruption. RealFi’s executive management is responsible for oversight and governance of the firm’s BCM program, supported by the Business Continuity Management group, which manages the program. In order to maintain a resilient technology environment, the DR program has implemented strategies for near zero downtime and near zero data loss for all applications that support critical business processes as defined by the BCM Program.
RealFi’s BCM/DR programs have several key elements, including:
– Planning
– Training and Awareness
– Exercises and Testing
– Third Party Resiliency

There are four main areas of focus that comprise the BCM/DR planning that RealFi performs:
Business Continuity Plans: RealFi maintains Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) for each business function. The BCPs have the following two components:
– Business Impact Analysis: The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) methodology is designed to assess both financial and non-financial impacts of the loss of a critical process.
– Business Recovery Plan: Business Recovery Plans (BRPs) are procedures designed to recover specific critical processes in support of continuity of operations in the event of a business disruption. These include recovery strategies for personnel, data, communications, information processing and facilities. Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are created for all critical business functions and services, and are validated through annual exercise requirements.
Disaster Recovery Plans: Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) incorporate fail over strategies and are comprehensive enough to recover from a disruptive event affecting a data center facility yet modular enough to recover from the loss of a single server. The key elements of the DRPs include:
– Communication Plan that identifies how personnel will be engaged when an event occurs as well as the frequency and method of communicating information and progress throughout the event
– Incident Management Plan that includes information for establishing and maintaining a command center, responsibilities of the management team as well as a recommended methodology for decision making and escalation
– Recovery Plans for each team that includes requirements, configuration and execution procedures for failing over each application to a secondary data center
Crisis Management: RealFi has a program devoted to response planning which includes a full-featured Crisis Management framework.

RealFi uses several methods to keep employees aware of the critical role they play in preparing for and responding to potential business disruptions. Primary methods used include:
– Mandatory annual all staff Emergency Preparedness & Business Recovery online training
– Distribution of emergency pocket cards
– Business recovery exercises
– Crisis management training and exercises
– Periodic educational intranet articles and emails

RealFi exercises it BCPs to ensure the procedures for recovering business operations are appropriate, and that key personnel are familiar with documented procedures. Similarly, facilities-based exercises are conducted with BCM team participation. Broadly, the firm utilizes the following recovery strategies in its BCPs:
– Remote Access exercises (e.g., work from home)
– Alternative location exercises (e.g., work area recovery or alternate RealFi office)
– Critical process transfer (e.g., transferring workload to another unaffected office and team)
– System fail-over testing, including external vendors where appropriate
– Evacuation drills, notification system tests and periodic generator tests
– BCM exercise results are documented and reviewed with all involved participants following each exercise. -Recommendations for improvements to the recovery process are identified and any corrective actions clearly defined and assigned to the appropriate personnel.

One of the key components of the BCM planning process is our supplier management framework, which includes periodic reviews of the business continuity programs for key service providers. Risk assessments are used to determine the criticality of each service provider. For the most critical service providers, RealFi conducts targeted reviews and evaluations of BCM plans and, where appropriate, on-site visits.