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Most people think renovation loans are designed for houses that are in need of major rehabilitation. However, they are far more than just that – they can include a vast range of projects, like bathroom remodeling, roofing, flooring, room additions, air conditioning systems, and even new appliances! These can all be funded with a renovation loan which covers not only the cost of the property, but also the cost of necessary home repairs. Turn a place with potential into the home of your dreams with a renovation loan.

We offer several products for minor or major upgrades on your home. Our renovation programs make it easy for you to improve your property by including the extra financing in a purchase or refinance loan.

Fannie Mae HomeStyle® Renovation Loan

HomeStyle® prevents borrowers of a purchase or refinance from having to get a second mortgage to renovate and is offered to both homebuyers and investors.A renovation program makes it convenient for you to improve a property by including the extra financing in a purchase or refinance loan. Homeowners whose homes need improvement can also refinance with these loans.

FHA 203k Loan:

Perfect for first-time buyers, low-to moderate-income, buyers with limited cash, and for those who have minor credit problems. The first step in obtaining your rehabilitation loan is getting in contact with a loan officer who will walk you through the process and guide you the entire time.

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