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Rates are coming to an all time high for the year and the best time to refinance is now. Ralph DiBugnara joins to talk about flipping houses and new mortgage products specifically for that. The next segment talks about how more millennials are looking for new homes specifically single women and how mortgage relates.

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    We Are Residential Home Funding Corp.

    Residential Home Funding Corp. has been in business for nearly 15 years, and it’s that experience that enables us to fund all types of transactions, including basic residential purchases, refinances, investment properties, construction loans, mixed use, and more. We offer a wide array of mortgage products, competitive rates and some of the most talented and dedicated employees in the industry.

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    Residential Home Funding Corp. named a Top Mortgage Employer of 2015

    top mortgage companyThe National Mortgage Professional Magazine has named RHCP one of the Top 60 Mortgage Employers Nationwide!

    Residential Home Funding Corp. "Culture and Our People" Annual Company Kick Off

    RHF was just recognized as a Top Mortgage Employer in NMP magazine. The annual kick-off meeting theme of "Company Culture and Our People" created a level of excitement and energy, keeping RHF's employees actively engaged at this awesome event!

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    Residential Home Funding Corp. is the 66th Largest Mortgage Lender in the United States

    Residential Home Funding Corp. is a big mortgage lender that doesn't act like one. Although we have grown to be one of the biggest lenders in the country and licensed direct lenders in 12 states including CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, MD, NC, NJ, NY, PA, SC, and VA, we treat each and every customer like family. We truly care about your needs, a fact which becomes obvious when you read our testimonials.

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The leader in mortgages for such partners as AAA NJ, Fraternal Order of Police NJ , EXIT NY, NJ Police Chiefs, Superintendents and Principals Association among others...


FHA Loans
FHA loans can be used for a home purchase or a refinance. Easiest type of real estate mortgage loan to qualify for because it requires a low down payment and you can have less-than-perfect credit.

VA Loans
A VA loan is a home loan guaranteed by the U.S. Veterans Administration. VA-guaranteed loans are available to eligible veterans and unmarried surviving spouses who can show entitlement through a Certificate of Eligibility. readmore
Conventional Loans
Conventional loans may be conforming or non-conforming. Conforming loans have terms and conditions that follow the guidelines set forth by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

No Money down Loans
FHA Mortgages may be the right choice for you. Backed by the Federal Housing Administration, FHA loans are available to borrowers with less than perfect credit and give options to many who thought they would never qualify for a mortgage loan.

Reverse Loans
A reverse mortgage enables homeowners 62 and older to convert part of the equity in their homes into cash without having to sell the home, give up title, or take on a new monthly mortgage payment. The homeowner continues to pay insurance and taxes, live in and maintain the home. readmore
Home Rehabilitation Loans (203K)
FHA 203k loans are designated for houses that are damaged or sorely in need of rehabilitation. The loan covers not only the cost of the property, but also the cost of necessary home repairs.

Mortgage Branch Opportunities
Residential Home Funding Corp. is a leader in providing branch managers, mortgage brokers and top originators the opportunity to manage their operation as a full service mortgage banker with a complete in-house product line.

Jumbo Loans
Loan product that doesn’t conform to Fannie or Freddie guidelines. Higher loan balances. Non Fannie Mae approved condominiums and Co-ops. Specialty loans such as ARMs and no PMI options. Great Fixed Rates!

Loan Officer Opportunities
Mortgage brokers and originators agree that Residential Home Funding Corp. provides the best affiliate branch opportunities for them to realize income and to manage their own branch office. As a direct-endorsed FHA/VA Lender, we offer our branches a full mortgage product portfolio. readmore